Luetta Doris Ballard Vardiman (1920-2008)       

Saline County, Missouri


Luetta Ballard Vardiman


Age: 88

State: Missouri

# of Children: 3

"Spelling for Vardiman (my family) is with an "i" except for Eddie who changed his to an "e" when he was in high school.  Various documents for my grandparents (John Peter and Luella May) have it both ways." 
Shirley Anderson, daughter of Charles Henry and Emma Henrietta (Jensen) Vardiman.


Luetta Doris Ballard

1932 William Riley Ballard, Luetta's Father, with children: John and Luetta

Rosine Caroline Butterwick Ballard, Luetta's Mother

1937 Ballard Family

Luetta, High School Graduation

Johnny & Luetta
married 24 August 1939

Johnny & Luetta

Johnny & Luetta's Farm Home
where they raised their 3 children
RR 2, Box 21, Marshall, MO 65340

1939 Vardiman Family Reunion
John Peter (seated) Luella May, Emma, Charles, Shirley, Luetta, Johnny, Gladys, Miles Edman and Harry (Bud).

1943 John William "Bill"

1946 - Charles and Emma, Gladys and Edman, Luetta and John (Bill sitting on ground in front) This picture was taken in November, 1946 - probably at Thanksgiving - they rotated dinners.

1955 - Luella May Vardeman with her three sons (Charles, Johnny and Miles) and daughters-in-law. Luetta in front right next to Johnny.

Johnny & Luetta with children: Bill & Chuck

Johnny & Luetta's children:
Chuck, Mary "Sis" and Bill

Luetta and Johnny

"Luetta Ballard was born January 09, 1920" in Saline County, Missouri. "Her mother, Rosina, and her Dad, William R. (Bill) Ballard, lived and made a living at RR2, Box 20 Marshall, Missouri from 1923 till they both finally passed away, Rosina in 1966 and Bill Ballard in 1969.  Bill's mother, Luetta grew up on this little 32.65 acre farm from age 3 on.

The farm belonged to Johnny and Luetta Vardiman after they bought her brother's inherited half from him and his wife and rented that half out until Bill and Billie Vardiman bought the farm in 1973 when it was vacated by the last renters..  The original homesteaded property of 32.64 acres had been intact from about 1854 on, till this year, 2010."
(See Billie Vardiman's page for details, wife of Luetta's son, Bill)

Emails from Billie Vardiman 3 July 2010 and 5 July 2010

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