Marshall, Saline County, Missouri



Latitude: 39.1943564, Longitude: -93.1779659


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Harris, Giles Tomas Jr.  21 Nov 1918Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I9648
2 Harris, Maggie  10 Feb 1887Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I1633
3 Harris, Phillip Hiram  15 Mar 1874Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I1567
4 Harris, William Holmes  24 Sep 1881Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I1569
5 Harris, Wilma Ruth  28 Feb 1923Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I5075
6 King, Bertha Alice  12 May 1884Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I1578
7 Myers, Floy Palmore  10 May 1883Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I9975
8 Myers, Harry Whitmore  10 Sep 1888Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2680
9 Nall, Howard Russell "Bud"  8 Oct 1918Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I4902
10 Vardeman, Miles Edman "Eddie"  1 Jun 1905Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2419
11 Vardiman, Don Harris (Twin)  13 Feb 1971Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I849
12 Vardiman, J.P.".   I1557
13 Vardiman, J.W.".   I2505
14 Vardiman, J.L.   I1556
15 Vardiman, S.E.   I1558
16 Yokeley, Betty  16 May 1930Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I5007
17 Yokeley, William "Bill" Estel  26 Sep 1931Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I5008


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ballard, John William  14 Mar 1994Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2511
2 Ballard, William Riley  7 Feb 1970Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2509
3 Butterwick, Rosine Caroline  17 Aug 1966Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2510
4 Dodson, Blanche Gladys  8 Apr 1937Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I6359
5 Games, Cornelia Fenwick (Nellie)  25 Nov 1921Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2143
6 Harris, Emma Charlotte  30 Sep 1959Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I1574
7 Harris, Giles Thomas Sr.  8 Dec 1966Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I1571
8 Harris, Maggie  25 Jul 1887Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I1633
9 Harris, Wilma Ruth  1 Mar 2005Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I5075
10 Herfordt, Henry  2 Sep 1927Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I10052
11 Holmes, Almeda  27 Feb 1887Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I1566
12 Johnson, Myrtie Amelia  8 Nov 1937Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2500
13 Morton, Thomas Hurton "Harry"  1 Oct 1894Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I1635
14 Myers, Floy Palmore  3 Sep 1976Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I9975
15 Myers, Harry Whitmore  17 Jan 1934Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2680
16 Myers, Newton McKendree  1945Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I9972
17 Nall, Grace Truman "Little Grace"  28 Dec 1941Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I5127
18 Nall, Howard Boone  1 Apr 1940Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2454
19 Robbins, David Henry  23 Jun 1939Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I11378
20 Saufley, Martha Brown  1950Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I9973
21 Scearce, Sarah Mildred "Sallie"  18 Oct 1928Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2464
22 Smith, Luella May  5 Jun 1966Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2416
23 Smith, Mary Caldonia "Callie"  4 Nov 1930Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2420
24 Solomon, Myrtle A.  2 Dec 1914Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I1639
25 Thomas, Loueva "Lula"  19 May 1984Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2908
26 Tuders, Mary Ruth  14 Dec 1929Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I9647
27 Varde(I)Man, John Thomas  16 Oct 1923Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2142
28 Vardeman, Bonnie Stanley  29 Aug 1958Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2321
29 Vardeman, Elizabeth Belle "Lizzie"  13 Dec 1941Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2473
30 Vardeman, Minnie Warner  28 Jan 1953Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2474
31 Vardeman, Willie May  14 Apr 1946Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I5851
32 Vardiman, Don Harris (Twin)  13 Feb 1971Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I849
33 Vardiman, Elizabeth Games "Lizzie"  15 Mar 1977Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I1622
34 Vardiman, Frances Laura "Fannie"  28 Sep 1970Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I1623
35 Vardiman, Grace Truman  17 Dec 1952Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2320
36 Vardiman, John Peter  26 Jun 1945Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2316
37 Vardiman, John Wesley “Johnny”  13 Jul 1984Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2418
38 Vardiman, Margaret May "Maggie"  31 May 1964Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I2404
39 Williams, Pearla A.  7 Jan 1944Marshall, Saline County, Missouri I1576


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Harris / King  21 Sep 1903Marshall, Saline County, Missouri F435
2 Nall / Vardiman  17 Jan 1901Marshall, Saline County, Missouri F595
3 Sharkey / King   F434
4 Vardeman / Babler  21 Oct 1933Marshall, Saline County, Missouri F811
5 Vardiman / Harris  24 Dec 1908Marshall, Saline County, Missouri F423
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