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  • Thomas Jefferson, Third U.S. President

  • (1801-1809)

  • Westward Expansion / American Frontier:

  • "Lewis and Clark begin their 4,000 mile journey home in March 1806 from Fort Clatsop (Oregon Country)  and arrive in St. Louis, Missouri in September. Clark goes on to become a Brigadier General in the Army and then the first Governor of Missouri Territory. Clark stays close with Sacagawea. When she dies in 1812 Clark becomes legal guardian of her chidren. Lewis, on the other hand, feels like a failure because he could not capitalize on financial gain, plus he struggles with alcohol and depression. He takes his own life in October 1809."

    "Great Britain sees Fort Clatsop with its American flag as an act of aggression as Britain has expanded from Canada into the Northwest to collect furs for the lucrative fur trade of sea otter pelts with China. The British invite Tecumseh to Canada to make an alliance to fight their common enemy, the Americans. Tecumseh doesn't trust the British and rejects their offer, but continues to build his alliance with the Native American tribes.  Tecumseh goes on the offensive." See 1808.


    The Men Who Built America: Frontiersmen

    "This 2018 four-episode, high-quality documentary offered on Amazon Prime or the History Channel is well worth watching. The episode titled "Never Surrender" covers the time period from 1792-1812 which includes the Lewis and Clark Expedition and Shawnee Tecumseh's fight against American settlers."

    Lewis and Clark Expedition

    This 2004 MUSE Award Winning Website was created to celebrate the bicentennial (200 years) anniversary of the Corps of Discovery's Journey across America!

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